for SILVERPLUS® products


The family brand SILVERPLUS® combines application-specific as well as article-specific antimicrobial products. As with other antimicrobial products, the chemical basis is not crucial for the classification as a biocide. However, what is decisive are the marketing attributes (such as antimicrobial, antibacterial, bacteriostatic, .....). These marketing attributes are crucial for substrates that have been functionalised with SILVERPLUS® products, or when positioning the customers‘ final articles in the respective consumer market.

Due to the fact that the use of articles which are finished with SILVERPLUS® can vary strongly, the SILVERPLUS® customer should - despite the information, recommendations, test results, sample, care, labelling and processing instructions as well as marketing advice, which have been given in good faith by RUDOLF - examine, test and conduct marketing research for himself. RUDOLF cannot guarantee and/or assume any responsibility/undertake liability for the consequences arising from examinations or tests that have not been conducted. Therefore, every SILVERPLUS® customer shall be responsible for his own specific use, further processing, labelling, marketing (see the above-mentioned marketing attributes) etc. of substrates finished with SILVERPLUS® products. Moreover, RUDOLF do not undertake any liability for non-authorised additional formulations of a SILVERPLUS® product or for non-authorised deviating claims.

All SILVERPLUS® products are non-medical products. They are not designed or approved for the direct use in or on humans, animals or plants. This means that SILVERPLUS® products must neither be directly taken (eg in the form of drops), nor be directly applied onto the body (eg in the form of cream, lotion), nor be recommended or marketed for this field of application. Furthermore, SILVERPLUS® products are not approved in food contact articles.

The family brand SILVERPLUS® with SILVERPLUS® products is marketed worldwide. The claims, attributes and statements made in this brochure serve as a general information and orientation. Due to possibly varying national legislation, not all information given in this brochure will be valid in all countries. In some cases national legislation may reduce the range of SILVERPLUS® products mentioned, their fields of application or technical claims.

The SILVERPLUS® products may only be used and marketed in accordance with the official local agency directives and the specifications on their labels. Depending on national, state etc. legislation, substrates finished with SILVERPLUS® products possibly have to be registered with and/or authorised by the responsible agency. RUDOLF GMBH and its respective national affiliated companies, agencies, etc. are not liable if substrates finished with SILVERPLUS® products have not been registered and/or authorised. The responsibility lies exclusively with the person putting substrates that are finished with the respective SILVERPLUS® product into circulation.

In the USA and Canada, special regulations for treated articles exist. Should you have questions on restrictions and requirements in these countries, we recommend you to engage a consultant in this area. RUDOLF recommends the US consultancy firm Technology Sciences Group Inc., Washington, DC. (website: www.tsgusa.com, contact: Ms. Erin Tesch, e-mail: etesch@tsgusa.com).