Polyester Resin




High molecular weight polyester resin with ability to form Nanoparticle sized dispersion in water.

It is an exclusive product for weaving of medium to finer denier multi-filament polyester yarn & denser sorts on medium to high speed Waterjet loom, Rapier loom & medium speed Airjet loom. It can replace Acrylic size & PVA. Unlike Acrylic size, ZYPOL WSP works at lower pick up and gets cured at lower temperature and thus preserves resources.

  • Nanoparticle sized dispersion gives better filament to filament bonding. This ensures the sized yarn to with stand high air / water pressure during weft insertion.
  • Compared to acrylic, it has better re-emulsifying property.
  • It forms flexible film like Acrylic size.
  • Their sized beam has excellent resistance to high humid climatic condition seven after prolonged storage without blocking of sized beams and loss in bond strength. Even under wet condition soft water jet looms,it gives non-blocking characteristics at the time of beat-up.
  • It gives better wet & dry abrasion resistance property which helps in with standing stresses and metal to yarn & yarn to yarn friction on Water jet looms & Air jet looms running at high speed.
  • It has got better caustic soda desizability unlike other PET resins which recommends only soda ash desizability. Hence no need to have separate desizing recipe for new NAJ sizers previously using Acrylic.

Field of application: Hot water soluble polyester resin for sizing application.

Chemical Basis: Sulphonated polyethylene terephthalate

Ionic Character: Anionic

Form: Solid granules


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